Our Manager

EARN is managed by Ellington Residential Mortgage Management LLC, an affiliate of Ellington Management Group, L.L.C. ("EMG") – a registered investment adviser specializing in the mortgage-backed securities markets. Our manager relies on the resources of Ellington Management Group to support EARN’s operations.

EARN benefits from EMG’s 25 year history of investing in a broad spectrum of mortgage-backed securities and related derivatives. Additionally, Ellington Management Group supports EARN operationally through the following functions:

  • Established portfolio management resources for each of the EARN target asset classes
  • Highly analytical investment process and proprietary research, models, and analytics
  • Broad-based deal flow and extensive relationships in the financial community
  • Sophisticated risk management tools and analytics
  • Management experience through several market cycles

For more information on EMG, please visit www.ellington.com.

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